MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY - The Martial Arts Academy focuses on realistic self defense concepts placing a strong emphasis on valuable life skills such as confidence, perseverance, focus and self-discipline.
At the Martial Arts Academy, we offer a high degree of individualized attention in our Adult and Kid Program classes, however, students find it extremely beneficial to schedule short or long term private lessons for various reasons.

 :  A Students work or family schedule may not permit them to attend our regularly scheduled Group Classes… and we understand that students need extreme flexibility in these situations.
 :  A few private lessons are arranged so that a pupil may work on a particular skill…The same way that a student in the academic world may seek tutoring for a challenging class subject or thorough preparation for an upcoming final exam.
 :  If you compete or have aspirations to compete in the Martial Arts, then private lessons are viewed as an essential component to a structured and comprehensive competition-based regimen to get you ready.
 :  Some students simply wish to get the most out of their time spent while undergoing the rigors of private one-on-one training in the Martial Arts.
 :  Some wish to learn Martial Arts but are not comfortable in a group setting, where as a one on one with the instructor is very comfortable.

If you are interested in Private Lessons please call the Martial Arts Academy at (208)542-4425 to schedule a 30 min or 1 hour session.

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