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Martial Arts Academy Transported After School Program

The Martial Arts Academy is proud to introduce our TASMA program. TASMA (Transported After School Martial Arts) brings a new alternative to child care, babysitting and daycare. The Martial Arts Academy is the only Martial Arts school in Idaho that picks up children after school and trains them in martial arts. We understand how hard it is to find a place where you know your child is safe, especially at this day in age. Know that your child is safe with us as we personally pick up the students from their school and bring them to our facility. Training sessions lasts from 4-5 Monday through Friday. Pickup time is between 5-6. The TASMA program is a week to week program, so no contract needs to be signed and no monthly payments are required.

Come in and try a free martial arts class today at the Martial Arts Academy!

Idaho Falls, Id.

Call (208)542-4425

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