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Kung Fu San Soo

Kung Fu San Soo is a dynamic “explosive” fighting art! So dynamic that a person considerably smaller than a larger person can easily seize, gain control and potentially inflict serious damage to a larger person. Kung Fu San Soo does not rely on muscle strength. Rather, an individual learns how to use their complete and total body weight to offset their attacker’s balance. Kung Fu San Soo combines many fighting techniques that can be changed instantly to suit the situation and therefore do not follow any set patterns. San Soo is not a tournament sport, a basic premise of San Soo is there are "no rules in a fight" and it incorporates techniques that aim to remove a threat as quickly and effectively as possible.

San Soo is a form of Chinese martial arts also known as Kung Fu San Soo and San Soo Kung Fu.

San Soo fighting tactics were begun in the Kwan-Yin (goddess of mercy) monastery in the village of Pon Hong, Guangdong Province of Southern China. The monks are said to have developed this form of martial arts to protect themselves from bandits and outlaws as they returned with supplies and donations from the nearby villages as well as to maintain their physical fitness..

Jimmy Woo (Chin Siu Dek) is credited with bringing the art to America in the 1930's, finally opening his own studio to teach formally in 1962.

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"The Art of Kung Fu San Soo lies not in victory or defeat, but in the building of human character."- Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo

Kung Fu San Soo is a five-family system representing the different fighting aspects of the art.

The five families are:

Tsoi Ga- the family of punches and kicks

Li Ga - the family of leverages and throws.

Hoi Ga - the family of pressure points.

Fut Ga- the representative of mind over body.

Hung Ga - the family of power.

Based on these five families the student learns to use a combination of punches, kicks, blocks, leverages, throws and sweeps directed to vital points of the human body. Any technique that the student learns does not follow a set pattern. Any of these techniques can change in an instant to fit any situation. By training mind and body to work in synchronous unison, the student learns to control his or her breathing, develop their concentration and then use what is referred to in the art of Kung Fu San Soo as “total body movement”, enabling the execution of any technique with the full weight and power of their body.

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